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Recover Hand Function with ReGrasp rehabilitation glove

Therapist works with patient wearing ReGrasp for hand therapy

ReGrasp Incorporates FES Therapy to Improve Hand Function

ReGrasp is a rehabilitation glove that is proven to help regain hand function and assists patients who have hand paralysis with daily activities. ReGrasp improves active range of motion and hand function with functional electrical stimulation (FES). Simple to use and set-up, ReGrasp is the ideal tool for physicians and therapists to use with their patients to regain hand function and help paralyzed fingers grasp. It is also easy to use at home.

  • Set-it up in five to ten minutes 
  • No special training required  
  • Easy to operate with clinically developed pre-optimized settings 
  • Activate with head motion or tap 
  • Use ReGrasp for short therapeutic sessions in the clinic or at home 
  • ReGrasp also assists with daily activities 

Having a head motion sensor to activate the ReGrasp without using the other hand is really important and makes it really versatile.”

Heather Branscombe, Rehabilitation Specialist. 

ReGrasp Instructional Videos

See ReGrasp Rehabilitation Glove in Action

Watch our brief video to see how the ReGrasp rehabilitation glove works and hear what Heather Branscombe, a Rehabilitation Specialist, has to say about her experience working with patients using ReGrasp.

Clinically Proven to Speed Hand Recovery After Stroke or Injury

A life-changing tool, the ReGrasp rehabilitation glove was developed based on 30 years of research on FES. Whether your patient is suffering with hemiplegia or upper limb paralysis, ReGrasp is proven to: 

  • Improve hand active range of motion and hand function* 
  • Re-educate muscles 
  • Maintain or increase range of motion 
  • Prevent or retard disuse atrophy 
  • Increase local blood circulation 
  • Reduce muscle spasms 
  • Help paralyzed fingers move
*In patients with hemiplegia or upper limb paralysis due to stroke, traumatic or acquired brain injury, or C5 level cervical spinal cord injury. 
Man wears Rehabtronics Regrasp rehabilitation glove to help him peel an orange

FES improves pinch, grip strength & ADLs in C5-C6 tetraplegia.”

There is strong (Level 1a) evidence that FES treatment (ReGrasp) improves upper extremity function in chronic stroke.”

Patient uses ReGrasp Rehabilitation glove to hold a can of pop

Use ReGrasp to Help Your Fingers Move Anytime, Anywhere

ReGrasp offers the benefits of FES technology to everyone who needs it wherever they are. It’s designed to fit into the lives of patients during day-to-day activities.

  • A controller sits securely behind the ear, allowing patients to control hand function using simple head movements.
  • ReGrasp is breathable and washable
  • Its thin, fitted profile is discrete and comfortable to wear anywhere

Two FES Modes to Facilitate Hand Recovery After Stroke or Injury

ReGrasp Exercise Mode

Preprogrammed and optimized therapy electrical stimulation protocols to exercise muscles, increase range of motion, reduce disuse atrophy, and increase local blood circulation in paralyzed hands.

Controller for ReGrasp rehabilitation glove

ReGrasp FES Mode

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) generates functional hand movement with voluntary triggered stimulation, which studies show is the most effective therapy for patients suffering from paralysis.

Prof. (Ameritus) Arthur Prochazka

The Evolution of ReGrasp

We can thank Prof. (Ameritus) Arthur Prochazka, now retired professor in the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute at the University of Alberta, for ReGrasp 

Arthur recognized a lack of effective and accessible technologies for upper limb and hand rehabilitation due to stroke or spinal injury in the 1980s. He dedicated 30 years to translating neuroscience research into practical tools that help people regain hand and arm function. ReGrasp evolved from an electric garment innovation called the Bionic Glove, which assisted hand grasp and release.A

What’s included in the ReGrasp Kit?

  • A controller that sits behind the ear allows patients to control hand function with simple head movements 
  • A breathable and washable glove that is thin and fitted for comfort every day 
  • A controller that fits in the glove with TES and FES therapeutic modes 
ReGrasp Rehabilitation Glove Kit

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