US Veterans Can Now Recover Hand Function with ReGrasp Hand Neurorehabilitation System

ReGrasp Hand Neurorehabilitation System for US Veterans Suffering from Paralysis After Stroke or Injury

A life-changing tool, the ReGrasp hand neurorehabilitation system is supported by three decades of research on neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). This technology aims to enhance the active range of motion and hand function for individuals experiencing hemiplegia or upper limb paralysis resulting from stroke, spinal cord or other neurological injuries. 

 ReGrasp is Clinically Proven: 
  • Improve hand active range of motion and hand function*
  • Facilitate daily tasks
  • Re-educate muscles
  • Maintain or increase range of motion
  • Prevent or retard disuse atrophy
  • Increase local blood circulation
  • Reduce muscle spasms
  • Help paralyzed fingers move

*In patients with hemiplegia or upper limb paralysis due to stroke, traumatic or acquired brain injury, or C5 level cervical spinal cord injury.   

NMES Therapy Designed to Help Regain Independence and Assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

ReGrasp is proven to help regain hand function and to assist patients suffering from hand paralysis to perform activities of daily living using NMES technology. Simple to set-up and use at home every day, ReGrasp is the ideal tool to help regain hand function and to help paralyzed fingers grasp.

ReGrasp is Easy to Set Up and Use:
  • Set-it up in five to ten minutes
  • No special training required
  • Quick to operate with clinically developed pre-optimized settings
  • Activate with head motion using a head motion sensor or use the tap function.

How can Veterans begin the process?  

Contact us to explore the functionality of the device and collaborate with us to arrange an evaluation at your VA hospital. We also welcome clinicians, caretakers, friends, and family of Veterans with spinal cord injuries to ask for more information. 

US Veterans suffering from upper limb paralysis may be eligible for a ReGrasp Hand Neurorehabilitation System through their VA Hospital.

Get started now!  

Recover Mobility, Cognition
and Confidence.