Help your patients regain hand function and independence after a Stroke or Injury with ReGrasp Clinician System

Intuitive and Easy to Use FES and NMES Therapy

ReGrasp by Rehabtronics is a hand neuro rehabilitation system developed based on 30 years of research on NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation). It is proven to improve hand function and hand range of motion for patients who are suffering with hemiplegia or upper-limb paralysis. 

 ReGrasp is uniquely designed to improve independence and quality of life by assisting patients with a wide range of activities of daily living. 

Activate Muscles with Neuromuscular Stimulation

Simple to use and set-up, the ReGrasp Clinician System is the ideal tool for physicians and therapists to use with patients to regain hand function while undergoing hand rehabilitation therapy. Use ReGrasp Clinician System for NMES to: 

  • Maintain and/or increase range of motion 
  • Prevent and/or reduction of disuse atrophy 
  • Increase local blood circulation 
  • Reduce muscle spasms, and 
  • Promote muscle re-education through the mechanism of neuroplasticity   
Regrasp electrical stimulation device neuro prosthetic technology

ReGrasp Clinician System: Tailor your Therapy Program and Easily Identify Ideal Candidates with the Electrode Positioning Puck

ReGrasp Clinicians System Electrode Positioning Puck

We understand that neurological diseases present in a variety of different ways. Symptoms can lead to damage in the nerves connected to muscle but are generally unknown until externally stimulated.

The ReGrasp Clinician System is tailored with an Electrode Positioning Puck, providing clinicians with the capability to identify ideal candidates for the ReGrasp. Given the significant variation in forearm dimensions among individuals, this tool assists in identifying the most suitable motor points for each patient and seamlessly transferring these points to their custom ReGrasp glove. This helps the Clinician precisely determine electrode placement to elicit optimal responses in both the wrist and fingers.

Supports Continuum of Care 

The technology is designed to be used both in the clinic and at home. ReGrasp is available in two variations, a Clinician System and a Patient Kit.  Your patient’s journey begins with the Clinician System, where you can: 

  • Setup and perform NMES therapy within minutes,  
  • Utilize both functional and therapeutic stimulation, and 
  • Assess and determine appropriate candidates to utilize the Patient Kit outside the clinic, in a home or in-patient setting to continue their care.  

Lightweight, Affordable & Washable

The ReGrasp technology uses a garment that can be worn all day for NMES therapy to aid with activities of daily living. The garment: 

  • Is a soft, comfortable, cotton orthosis that is breathable, washable, slim, and inconspicuous, 
  • Weighs less than a pound, making it easy for your patients to wear throughout the day, 
  • Uses soft, cotton electrodes that can easily be repositioned to tailor it to your individual patients 

Priced at a fraction of the cost of competitive rehabilitation devices, ReGrasp is an affordable hand neurorehabilitation system for clinicians and patients.  

To start rehabilitation early and help with daily activities, patients can buy the ReGrasp Patient Kit from you or from Rehabtronics with a prescription. Contact us to learn more about becoming an affiliate. 

Watch the ReGrasp Clinician System Quick Start Video

What’s included with ReGrasp Clinician System?

Components of ReGrasp Clinician System
  • 6 Garments (1x small/med/large per hand)
  • 6 Electrode Sets
  • 3 Wrist Supports 
  • 1 Stim Controller 
  • 1 Head Motion Sensor 
  • 1 Charging Dock 
  • 120/240V Power Supply
  • 1 Stim Dock 
  • 1 Stim Puck 
  • 1 Set of Leads 
  • 1 Electrode set 
  • 10 Derma Markers
  • 10 Transfer Sheets
  • 15 liners (5 of each size)

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