About Us

We’re on a mission to improve the lives of people with mobility impairments using neuroscience innovations.

Physiotherapist assisting stroke victim using ReJoyce and ReGrasp

Technology for Recovery

Our Rehab devices are proven to help people recover movement after central or peripheral nervous system injury or disease. Hundreds of clinics around the world use our products for rehabilitation.

Protecting Patients from Pressure Injuries

Prelivia, our new product, uses our patented neuro stimulation technology to help alleviate pressure injuries. Also commonly known as bedsores, pressure injuries affect up to 2.5 million patients in North America each year and are considered one of the most expensive and deadly hospital-acquired injuries. Prelivia is the first technology designed to prevent damage by restoring blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.

Nurse helping alleviate pressure injuries bedsores using neuro stimulation technology

Backed by Scientific Research

Rehabtronics is driven by a vision to transform healthcare with technology innovation. The company began as a spinoff from the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute of the University of Alberta. Our founders saw an opportunity to bring its neural rehabilitation discoveries into clinical practice to help patients recover from Stroke, Spinal Cord, and other Neurological Injuries. We continue to develop and validate our devices in partnership with research institutions and initiatives around the world.

Protecting our Intellectual Property

Rehabtronics owns patents relating to hand/arm neuro prosthetic devices, and hands-free control thereof using various head movements. Our company also owns patents relating to telerehabilitation and delivery of physical therapy over the Internet, the digital automation of arm and hand function assessment, and the use of IES for the prevention of pressure injuries.

Rehabtronics Team

Senior Management Team

Davie Mendelsohn
VP Sales, North America
Don Wright
Dr. Bojana Turic
M.D. ,
Dr. Rahul Samant
PhD ,

Board of Directors

John Stenson
Dr. Gabe Kalmar
Dr. Rahul Samant
PhD ,


Wendy Sherry
Jack Topdjian
Heather Koshinsky
Po Chi Wu
Kwadwo Kyrementang
David Armstrong
DPM, MD, PhD ,
Mr. Bruce Johnson, Director, Rehabtronics
Mr. Bruce Johnson

Recover Mobility, Cognition
and Confidence.