Functional Rehabilitation at Your Fingertips

Functional Rehabilitation at Your Fingertips

For most stroke survivors, performing simple, daily tasks can be a frustrating struggle. Traditional rehabilitation methods are slow to deliver results and many find it difficult to recover basic capabilities.

That’s why we’ve developed the ReGrasp Hand Neurorehabilitation System. It uses functional electrical stimulation to improve hand function and range of motion.

Use the ReGrasp as a therapy tool too speed up hand rehabilitation post stroke or injury.

You can also use ReGrasp to accomplish daily tasks using head motions while wearing the discrete wireless head piece or use the buttons on the ReGrasp controller.

Our ultimate goal is to help you regain hand function, independence and improve your quality of life.

ReGrasp Hand Neurorehabilitation System

The ReGrasp Hand Neurorehabilitation System is engineered to strict medical standards and is FDA-cleared. To ensure ReGrasp is accessible to more people, we are proud to offer pricing that is a fraction of the cost of competitive rehabilitation technology.


Note: ReGrasp is currently available for sale in USA. It is not available for sale in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

ReGrasp uses a technology called Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES). NMES is well-documented in scientific research and has been shown to be a useful rehabilitation tool for individuals suffering from impaired movement. ReGrasp works by sending electrical signals to the muscles in the forearm, causing them to contract. These muscles control hand and finger movement. ReGrasp can target different muscle groups, allowing the user to control the opening and closing of their effected hand.
Yes, ReGrasp is indicated to reduce muscle spasticity.
Yes, ReGrasp can assist with hand-function and active range of motion. Fine motor movement may be more difficult to achieve and may vary depending on the gradual reduction of tone and spasticity.
ReGrasp has clinically proven to work for patients who have paralysis or decreased hand function due to stroke, spinal cord injury or neurological injuries. In order to evaluate the use of this tool for your specific case, it is best you contact us and put us in touch with your clinical provider.

Yes, ReGrasp requires a prescription for use.

Download a copy of our ReGrasp prescription form by clicking here.

Discuss ReGrasp with your healthcare provider and please instruct them to contact us directly if they have any questions. Our prescription form can be completed by any of the following qualified professionals:

  • Doctor/Neurologist
  • Physicians Assistant
  • Nurse Practitioner

Completed prescriptions can be faxed to us at (780) 701-5167 or emailed to us at

The ReGrasp is currently sold through distributors and centre’s of excellence. Contact us so we can put you in touch with your nearest distributor.
This product is currently covered through the VA insurance. Other insurances may cover the partial cost of the product. Please check with your insurance provider for the exact coverage or contact us for other financing options.

The following HCPCS codes have been assigned to ReGrasp:

  1. E0745 Neuromuscular stimulator, electronic shock unit
  2. E0731 Form fitting conductive garment for delivery of tens or nmes (with conductive fibers separated from the patients skin by layers of fabric)
  3. A4595 Electrical stimulator supplies, 2 lead, per month, (e.g. tens, nmes)
  4. E0770 Functional electrical stimulator, transcutaneous stimulation of nerve and/or muscle groups, any type, complete system, not otherwise specified
We offer cash pay and other financing options. Contact us to discuss them in detail.
Yes, we offer ReGrasp in different sizes, S, M and L in left and right hand configuration. Use the dimensions chart shown below to identify the best size for you.

Do not use the ReGrasp system:

  • If a pacemaker or any other critical medical electrical equipment is in use
  • If you have fractures or dislocations of the fingers, wrist or elbow
  • On areas where a cancerous lesion is present or suspected
No. A contraindication of ReGrasp is that it should not be used if a pacemaker is in use as there is a remote chance that ReGrasp may cause interference.
We strongly recommend you use the device under the guidance and the direction of your clinician to get the most successful outcome for this device. Additionally, kindly note that dedicated use of this device will ensure you develop neuroplasticity to regain your hand function to conduct activities of daily living.
ReGrasp Rehabilitation Glove Kit

What’s included in the ReGrasp Patient Kit?

  • A controller that sits behind the ear allows patients to control hand function with simple head movements
  • A breathable and washable glove that is thin and fitted for comfort every day
  • A controller that fits in the glove with TES and FES therapeutic modes
  • 3-month supply of electrodes

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