Help Speed Motor And Cognitive Recovery With ReTouch For Rehabilitation

ReTouch is a state-of-the-art touch screen rehabilitation gaming system that’s designed to help people speed motor recovery, improve strength and enhance cognitive and visual acuity. Loaded with more than 20 interactive games, ReTouch is uniquely engaging with physical and mental challenges.

Patients Using ReTouch Therapy Regain Function Faster

Patients using ReTouch report spending more time on their exercises and regain function faster than traditional physical therapy. The system offers patients the flexibility to play games while sitting or standing to achieve a variety of functional goals to recover from nervous system injury or disease.


  • Attention and focus
  • Memory
  • Planning and problem solving


  • Spatial neglect
  • Field of vision
  • Visual scanning


  • Range and accuracy of motion
  • Strength
  • Endurance

Bluetooth Control Helps Your Fingers Move Anytime, Anywhere

ReGrasp offers the benefits of FES technology to everyone who needs it wherever they are. It’s designed to fit into your life during day-to-day activities.

  • A Bluetooth controller sits securely behind the ear, allowing patients to control hand function using simple head movements.
  • ReGrasp is breathable and washable
  • Its thin, fitted profile is discrete and comfortable to wear anywhere

Combine ReTouch, ReJoyce and ReGrasp for the
Ultimate Functional Rehabilitation System

Rehabtronics builds three rehabilitation products to help people recover movement after central or peripheral nervous system injury or disease. Combine ReTouch with ReJoyce and ReGrasp for an integrated and versatile upper body rehabilitation system. The full ReHab system includes functional assessment (RAHFT), ADL training, visual and cognitive task, and FES therapy. It’s a complete accessible and affordable rehabilitation system for hospitals, rehabilitation centers and physical therapy centers.

Let’s Talk About How ReTouch Can Help

Recover Mobility, Cognition
and Confidence.