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How ReGrasp has been a Game Changer for Patient Recovering from Stroke

Bryan Henry, a ReGrasp user recovering from stroke, recently reached out to us with some great feedback. So, we asked him to write an article about his experience.  We invite you to read on to learn what he said.

ReGrasp has been a game changer for me in regaining more hand mobility post stroke. Following a major Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) in late 2019, I had full right-side weakness; my right hand needed consistent and focused support to regain better functionality.

With the pandemic hitting in 2020, getting regular face-to-face rehabilitation sessions was no longer possible. The next best option was Zoom, and yes, it’s nice. But engaging with hands-on touch is much more effective for my recovery. That’s where ReGrasp filled a gap for me.

Setting up ReGrasp

I was introduced to the ReGrasp upper extremity rehabilitation device in 2021. Everything inside the product package was simply organized and clear on how to use each item. My therapist instructed me on some of the basic menu operations and stimulation level options within the operating system of the unit as well as how to put it on. This device is simple and easy to use.

Electrode placement was a little tricky but easy to adjust. I love that it uses Velcro straps to get things secure so I could put it on using one hand! The electrodes only need plain water, not a gel that you would have to buy, to allow stimulation. It’s really nice if you need to re-wet your electrodes, you can use any water source that’s near you. Device cleaning and care and charging were also discussed. A ReGrasp on full charge will last all day!

Watch this brief video for a quick overview of how the ReGrasp Rehabilitation Glove works. For step-by-step instructions, watch the how to use ReGrasp video.

ReGrasp for Exercise and Everyday Use

ReGrasp is an electrical stimulation machine, but with a whole new paradigm shift for use as it helps improve completion of everyday tasks. It is a Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) unit designed specifically for my hand rehabilitation and use. A small wireless earpiece comes with ReGrasp to serve as a simulation controller. I thought it was progressively futuristic to have something on my ear controlling something on my hand. That is cool! Triggering the controller was easy.

Either nodding or shaking my head provides the signal to open or close my hand. The movement that you make is subtle, so wearing it in public, the device is still inconspicuous and useful.

After being guided to have the correct placement of the device on my arm (electrode placement is functionally important), it was easy to wear ReGrasp under a sweater, jacket or loose long sleeve shirt.

ReGrasp is completely comfortable to wear all day. Be aware that the electrode placement will leave a temporary spot on the skin because of the moisture staying in one place for so long. ReGrasp is good to wear for any timeframe needed. Long or short. I loved the standard exercise programs to help strengthen my flexors and extensors. I noticed great fatigue relief getting the support I needed to open my hand. The best part is I had control about when to engage the stimulation and turn it off, ReGrasp is not just a pre-planned program.

It has helped me with picking up things from the table, washing dishes, sweeping, or just opening my hand when tone or fatigue seems to really kick in. The exercise programs are easy to use anytime. I’ve used mine while standing in line getting groceries, riding passenger in our car and at various in-person meetings. I love my ReGrasp! It’s good to have it anywhere you are.

I never leave home without mine.

—Bryan Henry

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