Recover Mobility, Cognition and Confidence.

We offer a suite of scientifically designed products that help patients recover from stroke or neural injuries. Clinically proven, quick to set up and easy to use, patients can now get a grip on their own recovery.

Speed Rehabilitation. Restore Function.
Regain Quality of Life.

After a stroke or neural injury, patients with restricted mobility and independence need help to regain range of movement and improve cognition. These products have been clinically proven to speed their recovery and maintain their ability to move freely.

Backed by 30 Years of Research

Three decades of science and clinical trials have gone into the development of our rehabilitation products that help people regain mobility and improve cognition. Hundreds of clinics around the world are successfully using our products. We actively collaborate with universities and health organizations to continually refine and improve their performance.

Recommended by Patients

Praise from Clinicians and Therapists

Simple, Effective,

The ReGrasp bionic glove can be controlled either by head movement or a simple tap on the wrist control panel. It helps reeducate muscles, increases circulation, reduces muscle spasms and helps paralyzed fingers to move through functional electrical stimulation (FES). Not yet available in Canada.

Partner With Us

We market our stroke and neural injury rehabilitation products through a global network of distributors and clinicians. Contact us to inquire about representing our products in your region.

Recover Mobility, Cognition
and Confidence.