Pressure Injuries are Deadly.
Protect Your Patients with Prelivia.

Prescribe Prelivia to increase circulation and perfusion in the area of risk for Pressure Injuries

More than 2.5 million people in the United States suffer from pressure injuries (PIs) and one in 40 of these people die. Prelivia, our proprietary neurostimulation technology, has been shown to reduce pressure ulcers (bed sores) by continuously promoting healthy blood circulation and tissue oxygenation in people who are bedridden or chair bound. Prelivia IES-1 has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, enabling clinical testing in healthcare facilities. Contact us about our Free 90-Day Quality Improvement Trial for your hospital or care home today.

Speed Rehabilitation.
Restore Function.

Help patients with restricted mobility to improve their quality of life and regain independence after a stroke or neural injury with our ReHab products.

Stroke patient uses ReGrasp to regain hand function

Backed by 30 Years of Research

You can rely on up to 30 years of science and clinical trials when you choose a ReHab product to help your patients recover from stroke or neural injuries. We collaborate with universities to develop and continually refine our rehabilitation products designed to help people regain mobility and improve cognition.

Partner With Us

Rehabtronics sells ReTouch, ReJoyce and ReGrasp rehabilitation products through a global network of distributors and clinicians.
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