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Rehabtronics: Pioneering Innovation in Aging at Home

Rehabtronics and the HealthTech Home Project: Pioneering Innovation in Aging at Home


In an era where technological advancements are revolutionizing healthcare, the HealthTech Home Project, hosted by The Brenda Strafford Foundation (BSF) and Health Cities, stands out as a groundbreaking initiative. The project’s primary objective is to explore and integrate consumer technology and innovative health solutions to support older adults in aging at home. Among the key stakeholders, Rehabtronics emerges as a significant contributor, playing a vital role in creating a framework that supports the management of health & health conditions for the elderly.

The Need for Aging at Home:

As the global population ages, the demand for solutions that facilitate aging at home has become a priority in the healthcare sector. Recent studies underscore the benefits of enabling older adults to age in place, not only for their well-being but also to alleviate pressure on healthcare systems. Aging at home has been shown to reduce healthcare costs while promoting independence and maintaining connections to homes and communities.

Challenges in Implementing Health Technology:

Despite the recognized benefits of aging at home, implementing the right technology poses challenges. The selection process can be complex, with many products being either prohibitively expensive or lacking seamless integration with existing consumer or health systems. Recognizing these challenges, the HealthTech Home project seeks to create a platform that addresses these concerns and demonstrates the viability of technology in supporting older adults.

The HealthTech Home Project:

The HealthTech Home project takes a holistic approach to its objectives, creating a sandbox environment within a BSF-owned condo unit in Calgary, Alberta. This condo building is strategically connected to one of BSF’s continuing care homes, fostering a seamless integration of health technologies. The project aims to monitor the health of independent older adults over a year, with a focus on slowing or reversing any decline in health, ultimately supporting aging in place.

“The HealthTech Home Project demonstrates the importance of testing innovations in real-life settings, providing older adults with exposure to cutting-edge technologies they may not otherwise encounter, while also laying the groundwork for future care models. We look forward to more projects in the age-tech space that explore innovations to improve aging at home and in our communities.”- Cassandra Rasko, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Health Cities.

Rehabtronics and the Three Focus Areas:

Rehabtronics, a key participant in the HealthTech Home Project, has been instrumental in selecting and installing health technology solution, ReJoyce within the condo unit. ReJoyce is a tele-rehabilitation workstation designed to help with movement therapy. Three crucial focus areas have emerged from assessments conducted by BSF, CBI Health, and the personal interests and health goals of the tenants: Cognition & Memory, Mobility, and Healthy Aging.

Call for Expression of Interest (EOI):

To identify innovative health technologies that assist in aging in place, the project issued a call for Expression of Interest (EOI). Twenty-seven applications were received, with two vendors ultimately selected – Chirp and Rehabtronics. This selection underscores the commitment to partnering with cutting-edge organizations like Rehabtronics to achieve the project’s objectives.


The involvement of Rehabtronics in the HealthTech Home Project exemplifies the commitment of industry leaders to advancing the use of technology in healthcare. By addressing the challenges associated with aging at home and fostering collaboration between stakeholders, the project aims to set a precedent for the successful integration of health technologies into residential settings. With the combined efforts of organizations like Rehabtronics, the future of aging at home appears promising, emphasizing independence, connectivity, and the overall well-being of older adults.

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