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ReGrasp Bionic Glove Now Available in the US

ReGrasp uses FES technology to help stroke patients regain hand mobility and perform daily tasks

ReGrasp Bionic Glove, a medical device designed to help patients speed hand rehabilitation following a stroke or injury, is now available in the United States for patients to use at home or in a clinical setting. It uses functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology, which is scientifically proven to improve hand function. FDA-cleared and engineered to strict medical standards, ReGrasp by Rehabtronics is Priced at US$2995 including tax, shipping and a credit for a fitting with a therapist.

“Until now, rehabilitation gloves with FES technology have only been accessible to patients in a clinical setting,” said Dr. Rahul Samant, CEO of Rehabtronics. “Our research indicates that patients regain hand use faster when using ReGrasp for continuous therapy at home and functional use everywhere. That’s why we’re making ReGrasp available directly to patients through our website. We are proud to offer pricing that is a fraction of the cost of competitive rehabilitation technology.”

A prescription from a physician or qualified therapist is required to purchase ReGrasp. The ReGrasp’s FES unit is easily programable by clinicians to set up functional home exercise programs (HEP) and to help patients use the glove as a functional device to perform daily tasks.

According to home health therapist Ashley Gatewood/ OTR/L, ReGrasp motivates her patients to keep striving for independence. “The ReGrasp provides patients with the opportunity to have functional rehabilitation at their fingertips in order to improve their independence and quality of life. This device opens the door for patients to have access to advanced technology in their home, rather than just in a clinical setting.”

ReGrasp is operated with a discrete wireless controller.

ReGrasp has a thin, fitted profile that is designed to be worn all day to help with day-to-day exercises.  It is operated with a discrete wireless controller that sits securely behind the ear, allowing patients to control hand function using simple head movements.

“I love my ReGrasp! I never leave home without mine.”

Bryan Henry, Stroke Survivor and ReGrasp user.

“The best part of using the ReGrasp is that I have control of when to engage the stimulation and when to turn it off,” says Bryan Henry, Stroke Survivor and ReGrasp user. “It has helped me pick things up from the table, wash dishes, sweep, or just open my hand when tone or fatigue is getting the best of me. The exercise programs are easy to use anytime. I love my ReGrasp! I never leave home without mine.”

For a limited time, Rehabtronics is offering qualified patients the opportunity to try ReGrasp for 30 days for just the price of shipping before purchasing the device.

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