Functional Rehabilitation at Your Fingertips

Controller for ReGrasp rehabilitation glove

ReGrasp Bionic Glove

The ReGrasp Bionic glove is FDA-cleared and engineered to strict medical standards. To ensure ReGrasp is accessible to more people, we are proud to offer pricing that is a fraction of the cost of competitive rehabilitation technology.


Flexible payment and Trial plans available.
Price includes tax, shipping and a $100 credit for a fitting with a therapist.

Note: A prescription is required to order ReGrasp in the USA.  We will contact you about sending us your prescription and to discuss payment options.

Sizes Available

What’s included in the ReGrasp Kit?

  • A controller that sits behind the ear allows patients to control hand function with simple head movements
  • A breathable and washable glove that is thin and fitted for comfort every day
  • A controller that fits in the glove with TES and FES therapeutic modes
  • 3-month supply of electrodes
ReGrasp Rehabilitation Glove Kit

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Functional Rehabilitation at Your Fingertips

For most stroke survivors, performing simple, daily tasks can be a frustrating struggle.  Traditional rehabilitation methods are slow to deliver results and many find it difficult to recover basic capabilities.

That’s why we’ve developed the ReGrasp Bionic Glove. It uses functional electrical stimulation to improve hand function and range of motion. Use the ReGrasp Exercise mode daily for rehabilitation.  You can also use ReGrasp to accomplish daily tasks using head motions while wearing the discrete wireless head piece or use the buttons on the ReGrasp controller. Our ultimate goal is to help you regain hand function.

Two FES Modes to Facilitate Hand Recovery After Stroke or Injury

ReGrasp Exercise Mode

Preprogrammed and optimized therapy electrical stimulation protocols to exercise muscles, increase range of motion, reduce disuse atrophy, and increase local blood circulation in paralyzed hands.

Controller for ReGrasp rehabilitation glove

ReGrasp FES Mode

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) generates functional hand movement with voluntary triggered stimulation, which studies show is the most effective therapy for patients suffering from paralysis.

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